Bubble football


Air pocket football or air pocket soccer, is the entertainment/game of playing football while half-encased inside an expanded torus bubble, like a zorb, which covers the player’s chest area and head. This game is normally played in groups in huge indoor spaces or open air fields bubble foot Paris.

Air pocket football pursues indistinguishable targets and in general rules from normal football (i.e., groups contend to hit a ball into the rival group’s objective) with the additional condition that every player must wear an inflatable air pocket, like a water ball, around their upper middle. Air pocket soccer is frequently played at corporate group building days, stag parties, single man gatherings, and birthday parties. There are likewise numerous varieties of air pocket football, for example, bubble bowling or air pocket sumo.


Shark Tank appearance.

On November 20, 2015, bubble football showed up on the American TV show Shark Tank. John Anthony Radosta, group official of the National Association of Bubble Soccer (situated in the United States), showed up on the show trying to protect an arrangement with the show’s board of speculators. While eventually ineffective in his pitch, the appearance produced resulting press inclusion.


Various situations

When playing bubble football there are various elective situations which can be played:

  • Bubble bowling: A gathering of pins remains toward one side of the pitch while another player attempts to run and plunge at the gathering trying to thump whatever number sticks over as could reasonably be expected.
  • Bubble sumo: Two players attempt to drive each other outside the alloted boundaries, which is a hover drawn on the ground.


  • Bulldog: One player (the beginning bulldog) attempts to wreck whatever number players as could be expected under the circumstances, preventing them from getting from one finish of the pitch to the next. Whoever gets thumped down then likewise turns into a bulldog.


Air pocket Football universal cup

In May 2018, the primary ever World Cup will occur in Shoreditch, London, with the finals occurring at Wembley. Countries who will go to the world cup incorporate Finland, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.A competition is being rushed to discover the group that will speak to England

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