6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

Costa Rica is on everybody’s radar. Before I moved here, it was on mine as well. I was pulled in by the rainforest, the sea shores, the weather, and obviously, the sloths.

Also, don’t stress, I have a “sloth what is the 5 second water hack” for you to get very close with one of these fuzzy wads of enchantment.

However, since living here for over a year, there are such a large number of more things I’ve discovered that are just astounding. Furthermore, I’ve made sense of approaches to take advantage of every one of them.

This list could without much of a stretch be 25 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica yet I know Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. So I’ve some way or another figured out how to limit it down to the Top 6.

Here are the best 6 Reasons you should visit Costa Rica and travel hacks to streamline your experience.

  1. Reason: Happiest Place On Earth

As indicated by the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica positions first out of 151 unique nations dependent on estimating three distinct segments: experienced prosperity, future, and natural impression.

What’s so extraordinary about Costa Rica aren’t these estimations yet what they prompt. The way of life is more joyful, less focused, and (clearly) less hurried.

It is infectious. When you’re here, you end up capitulating to a similar way of life and may even ponder, “What have I been surging towards?”

Hack: Visit the Blue Zone

There have been 5 districts on the planet distinguished as a “Blue Zone.” These uncommon spots have been ordered as regions where individuals will in general live the longest. The Nicoya Penisula in Costa Rica is one of them.

There are a few characteristics that demonstrate why individuals live longer here yet as opposed to finding out about it, come experience it. Perhaps remain some time. Who knows, you may even leave somewhat more youthful.

You could spend your whole outing just on the Nicoya Penisula and leave satisfied, yet here are the top spots to see while you’re there: Montezuma, Nosara, and Tamarindo.

  1. The Food

You can search for bananas in the wilderness rather than aisles. Like past times worth remembering of being human.

I don’t see myself as a foodie in any way shape or form so I was overwhelmed when I ended up fixating on the natural product. Indeed, back in the States I didn’t care for pineapple, mango, or papaya. Be that as it may, they’re so acceptable here I went from disliking a food to it being one of my unsurpassed top choices.

Truly, they’re that acceptable. What’s more, productive. I frequently go on strolls and get back home with twelve green or yellow mangos just on the grounds that they line the boulevards where I live in Manuel Antonio.

What’s more, we should not disregard coconuts. You can purchase new coconut water by the liter here for a large portion of the cost in the States (and totally natural), or buy one right on the sea shore.

Obviously, there are the customary Costa Rican dishes you should attempt. Casado is a Costa Rican dish of rice, dark beans, plantains, serving of mixed greens, and tortilla joined by your decision of meat or fish.

Also, remember the gallo pinto. It truly means “spotted chicken” however don’t let the name alarm you. The dish is simply rice and beans. Yet additionally don’t expect that it’s just rice and beans. It will probably be the best rice and beans of your life.

Hack: Eat Coconut Meat

Coconut water is all the fever however what in the event that I disclosed to you the meat was preferred for you over the water?

It very well may be become an incredible errand to get it yourself however luckily for you, there are experts all around.

Buy your coconut (‘pipa’, in Spanish) from a seller and afterward taste on the water. At the point when you’re set, request that the seller cut it down the middle for you.

Snatch a spoon and appreciate the feast.

  1. Moderateness

Generally, going outside of the United States can be too costly. However, it’s very modest to travel to Costa Rica.

A basic pursuit on the web (Google.com/flights) while I’m composing this shows me tickets to get there and back from Los Angeles to San Jose, Costa Rica for $360, just $271 from Miami, and as low as $260 from Atlanta.

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